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Guide to buying a Dodge Challenger

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Guide to buying a Dodge Challenger

In a world where cars matter so much, having a beast in your garage might be one of your biggest desires. Powerful cars like a Dodge Challenger can be a great acquisition if you are well-informed about this car model. Buying a used Dodge Challenger is tricky taking into consideration that you will have to pay attention to every single detail of it. Here are some tips to get you going when wanting to buy a Dodge Challenger:

Engine. Horsepower. Torque

There are several engine options on Dodge Challengers:

  • 4L V8 which comes with 485 horsepower at approximately 6000 rpm and a 475 torque lb-ft
  • 7L V8 which comes with 375 horsepower at approximately 5150 rpm and a 510 torque lb-ft
  • 6L V6 which comes with 305 horsepower at approximately 6350 rpm and a 268 torque lb-ft
  • Supercharged variants which highly boost the maximum horsepower (for example a 6.2L V8 goes from 500 horsepower to 707 horsepower at the absolutely same 6000 rpm and same torque

You can also find other types of engines on a Dodge Challenger if it has been modified or tuned. Buying a used car means you will buy the preferences of a previous owner. Be careful to pay attention to each and every modification that has been made and see if you can profit from offers and packages.


The Dodge Challenger can be found in several models. These are different in terms of features and specs and even look sometimes. Here are the models you will find on the market:

  • SXT – this is the base and the cheapest model. Usually it includes a 3.6L V6 engine mentioned above along with the usual characteristics of this car (ABS, automatic transmission, electric power steering, cluster display, climate control, keyless entry etc.)
  • SXT Plus – this is a midrange model and it is a little more expensive than the simple SXT. It adds a back-up camera, rear –park sensors, a shark fin antenna and wider tires.
  • R/T – this is a V8 model and it is noticeably more expensive than the SXT. It has a 5.7L V8 engine with a 6-speed manual, wide tires and a great exhaust.
  • R/T Plus – the better variant for the R/T which comes with a power tilt/telescoping column steering, leather seats with heat and ventilation, better speakers, an amplifier, a bigger display and a back-up camera.

What drives people to buy the 2017 Ford Fusion?

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What drives people to buy the 2017 Ford Fusion?

Many say that the 2017 Ford Fusion is the best sports car one can buy. Is this true? What is certain is that Ford has been on the role as far as building sporty cars is concerned. If you are looking for a sporty ride, you do not have to look any further. The 2017 Ford Fusion is basically a powerhouse, so you can be sure that it performs satisfactorily. Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Ford Fusion is that it needs a refresh and an update. This may be so, but this does not mean that it is not worth investing in. In this article, we will explain why many people invest in this athletic vehicle.

Vehicle fuel efficiency

If you want to make fuel savings, then you have to invest in a 2017 Ford Fusion.  This automobile has a strong fuel economy. Basically, you get the same fuel economy you would with the Fusion Hybrid. All 2017 models have improved fuel economy, providing more than 30 mpg on the highway. The result is a lower mile-per-gallon-figure. Not only will you save cash, but you will spend less time at the pump.

All new SYNC 3

Everyone’s favorite infotainment system, SYNC, is back. The upgraded SYNC, SYNC 3, allows you to use your voice to make phone calls, listen to music, and control key vehicle features. The system is at the same time simpler and responsive. Let us not forget about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which make things even better. The infosystem is nothing like the previous one and it is just what Ford needed, namely a fresh new design.

Secure handling

The 2017 Ford Fusion provides drivers better handling.  No matter if you are travelling along a  country road or the interstate, the car’s responsiveness is not affected. On the contrary, you have secure handling of the vehicle. The sports car should be applauded for the fact that it has resistance to body roll.

Exterior design continues to impress

The exterior design is the first thing anyone notices when looking at a 2017 Ford Fusion. The athletic posture and the fascia is what makes people turn their heads. This is not all. The all-new vehicle has a special cover, protecting it from UV rays, not to mention the spoiler. There are lots of things to say about the exterior design of the 2017 Ford Fusion. Besides what was mentioned, there are the wheels, LED lights, and the sunroof.

Noticeable signs your vehicle’s shock absorbers need replacement

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Noticeable signs your vehicle’s shock absorbers need replacement


You might not be a mechanic, but you surely must know when your car’s suspensions need replacement. If they lose their elasticity, therefore their ability of properly functioning, chances are all your rides will lack the comfort you are used to. Therefore, make sure you are well aware about the signs your shock absorbers need replacement, as described below.

1. You notice vibrations in your steering wheel

Because your tires lose the property of maintaining contact with the road when your suspensions need replacement, this translates into significant vibrations you feel in your steering wheel. And while you might not be considering this to be an issue, it is, because at high speeds, the vibrations increase as well, making it considerably harder for the driver to fully control the vehicle. As you can imagine, this can be quite a safety issue. Not only had you put your and your passenger’s life into danger, but other traffic participants as well, pedestrians, bikers and drivers. 

2. You stopping distances increase

This is one of the main signs of worn out suspensions, and considering the fact that in general stopping distances increase by 20% with faulty ones, you must be careful indeed. As the speed increases, stopping distances increase as well, making accidents harder to avoid. When driving you must act fact and you must have the capacity of stopping in a matter of seconds, if necessary. And while good suspensions can help you manage this, worn out ones might make the issue a life threatening one.

3. Your car is sliding from the road

Great suspensions make the task of maintaining your car on the road while taking turns fairly easy. However, when their quality decreases, this becomes considerably harder. This also contributes to lower safety levels, especially on rainy weather, and you must remember you are not only responsible for your life while driving; you are responsible for everybody’s on the road life. Therefore, make sure you don’t make yourself guilty of negligence and pay attention to this sign as well.

4. Periodically check your suspensions

Even though you might not be able to tell when they need replacement, make sure you periodically check into a maintenance service and see what problems your car might have. The recommended amount of time for doing so is approximately once every six months, and this interval shortens if you are constantly driving on bad infrastructure. The costs are not high, but this is a worthy investment since it can make a great difference in terms of safety while driving.

5. How much does suspension replacement cost?

Obviously, it all depends on your car type. But as a general rule, the more expensive the vehicle is, so will be the car parts you need. However, certain manufacturers and retailers sell after-market parts, and they have the same quality and features as the original ones do. Whatever you do, make sure you invest in high quality suspensions for increased levels of safety.


How to have your Porsche serviced: Dealer or specialist garage?

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How to have your Porsche serviced: Dealer or specialist garage?

The time has come for you to get your Porsche serviced and you are not sure whether or not you should get the car serviced at the dealership or a specialist garage. A good mechanic, especially one who looks after older vehicles, is just as good an option as the supplying Porsche dealer. However, missing services will invalidate your warranty. Or will it? The truth is that servicing your precious car at an independent garage will not validate your warranty. As long as the garage follows the schedule for the vehicle and uses only original equipment, there is nothing to worry about. Independent Porsche servicing is capable of performing a book log without affecting the car’s warranty. If you are not sure which option is best, then you need to read this.

Why you should service your Porsche

Looking after your car properly means that you have to get it serviced regularly. Serving can make the difference between it running smoothly, being fuel-efficient, and breaking down. If you do not get the Porsche looked at, it will become less mechanically sound, not to mention that when it does break down, you will spend quite a lot of cash to have it fixed. The point is that one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle’s health is to take it to the main dealer or a specialist garage. A great deal of work is carried out to ensure that your automobile is in good condition. For this reason alone, you should not ignore this matter.

Dealer or independent garage?

As stated previously, going independent will not necessary cost you your warranty. An independent mechanic is able to provide you the same kind of service as the dealer and it is certain that you are not doing your car a disservice. On the contrary, your Porsche will get the attention it deserves. This implies the traditional grease and oil checks, but let us not forget about component and system inspections and adjustments. Nowadays, the manufacturer cannot specify that you should get your car serviced at a particular dealer. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that everything needs to be documented. In case something goes wrong, you need to have proof.

Main dealers are competitive too

For certain jobs, like changing sparks or routine checks, franchised dealers charge expensively, which means that they are just as competitive as independent specialist garages. The manufacturer service price is higher according to car owners and this does not come as a surprise. The demand has significantly decreased during the past couple of years and raising the price was the only thing to do. However, the price should be bespoke to your vehicle. Independent services offer more affordable prices, but this is not to say that they are cheap. What is certain is that it is worth checking servicing costs. What you should do is take your Porsche to a specialist garage and not the local repair shop.

Reasons your vehicle needs a dash camera

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Reasons your vehicle needs a dash camera

Taking care of your vehicle does not mean only to drive safely or to add small upgrades, but to install a few safety devices as well. One item that has become extremely popular among drivers, due to the benefits it can bring, is the dash camera. This type of device can prove to come in handy in the most unexpected situations, being one of the most essential vehicle safety systems. However, you must be wondering if investing in this type of item is worth it. Well, after reading the following reasons, you will understand what advantages you can obtain when owing a dash cam.

Parking and driving accidents

The first reason why you need this item in your vehicle is to avoid further complication when dealing with a parking or driving accident. When an accident occurs, if everybody is safe and injury-free, then a whole process begins, each driver passing the blame to the other. When such an incident does not have any footage to prove whose fault it was, it will take some time until you reach a compromise, and you might have to pay for something you should not be obligated to, not to mention perhaps lose your license. Well, a dash cam will allow you to capture the entire incident, and it will be easy to prove if the other driver was the one to cause the whole unpleasant situation. Legal protection and safety are the first aspects to motivate you in making this purchase.

Capturing unexpected moments

You have probably seen a lot of videos online of some unbelievable footages. You have the chance to see many unexpected situations when you are in traffic, and having a dash cam will give you the chance to capture those moments and perhaps share it with the world.

Road trips

A camera will also allow you to capture some great memories. Whether you are on a road trip with your friends, or you want to show of your driving skills, this device can help you document interesting moment of your life.

For safety purposes and for other small details, installing a dash camera can be a wise decision to make, and considering the affordable prices you can find, it will not be a large investment to make. Just look online for a reputable supplier that can provide you with a wide variety of safety systems, and select the mini front camera that suits your needs. You will enjoy its benefits after installing it, and you will not regret making this purchase.

Selecting the right suspension shock absorbers

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Selecting the right suspension shock absorbers

Are you interested in buying shock absorbers? Then you should think about a few details beforehand. Because there are numerous suppliers on the market offering different type of car components, including shock absorbers Australia, you should be well informed before making a purchase. The shock absorbers you install will have the role of making your car more comfortable to drive and reduce the fuel consumption at the same time, and this is why you should make sure you are choosing the right ones. Here are a few tips that might help you select the right suspension absorbers:

Manufacturer’s guidelines

Before actually searching for a car parts supplier, you should know a thing or two about the type of car you are driving. Check your manufacturer’s guidelines and see what type of shock absorbers would be the perfect fit for your car. Your purchase should depend on how the suspension system has been set up. Therefore, you should be properly informed before making any decisions. You can also discuss with the supplier about the type of car you are driving, and perhaps you will receive some professional recommendations.


Not all suspension absorbers are the same, some being more qualitative than others. Different brands have different specifications, detail that depends primarily on you annual mileage or type of driving you do. Do our homework, and find out which brands are the most popular, in terms of quality, performance and durability. You need to be aware that the quality of shock absorbers are usually connected to the price. Therefore, if you desire to benefit from car parts that are made to last longer, you will probably need to pay extra. However, there are reputable brands out there that have some affordable options, and to benefit from the best deals, you should choose the right supplier. Keep in mind, that the design of shock absorber can help your car’s performance.


Many drivers have faced the inconvenience of purchasing faulty absorbers. Without receiving any type of warranty, a return will not be accepted, so you should pay close attention to this small detail. Discuss with your supplier about the possibility of receiving a warranty. This way, you will be certain that you will benefit from a replacement, if the car parts are showing any signs of improper functionality. You should not neglect this aspect, because you probably do not desire to pay a fairly large amount of money for parts that are in a faulty condition. To avoid any unpleasantness, always deal with reputable and trustworthy supplier that provide you with a product quality guarantee.

As you can see, it is necessary to pay attention to a few details before making an actual purchase. Because the quality of the shock absorbers you buy is the most important aspect to look for, make sure you choose your supplier wisely. Start looking online to see what your options are, and research the topic properly. Choose to make your purchase from a reputable and trustworthy supplier that can put at your disposal the purchase opportunities you require.

Signs you need to change the suspension system

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Signs you need to change the suspension system

Many drivers take the suspension system for granted, and they have the wrong impression that they do not have to change it or check its state. The fact is that the suspension system, as any other part of the car, can suffer damages through the years, because it supports several tones of metal year after year, and at a certain point, it will have to be either repaired or changed. Many drivers might think that the suspension is about having a smooth ride, and they do not repair and care it, as they do with the brakes for example. However, they should know that bad suspension kits could affect the ability to control the car, especially when turning or stopping, so they should not ignore its maintenance. For the drivers who own for the first time a car, it might be quite difficult to notice that they have to change the suspension kit, but the vehicle usually sends the drivers some signs, they only have to pay attention to them.

Car rides roughly

If the driver is an experienced one, s/he might know when the struts or shocks are wearing out, because they begin to feel every single bump of the road, and when they cross a bump they notice that the vehicle body starts bouncing. Having a rough ride is the first sign that the vehicle’s suspension has to be checked. In case the drivers do not know how to do it by themselves, they should ask a specialist take a look at their car.

Pulling or drifting during turns

The vehicles, which have a damaged suspension system, will make the driver feel that the car is pulling or drifting when they are turning. This is the sign that the shocks cannot keep the car body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, and this increases the chances of a rollover. If the drivers are feeling something similar when they turn, they should consider taking their vehicle to an auto service, and see what specialists have to say.

Dips when stopping

In case the shocks of a vehicle are worn out, the driver will feel that the car body lurching downward or forward when they apply the brakes firmly. In this situation they are not able to stop the car in safety conditions, and quickly. Depending on the damage of the suspension, the stop time might increase up to 20 percent.

Uneven tire treads

Other signs, that something might be wrong with the suspension system is when the driver notices that the tires of the car look uneven. There might appear balding spots, which might suggest that the suspension is not holding the vehicle evenly, and an uneven amount of pressure is put on the tires. The driver could notice these signs, because it is important to car owner to check the car condition from time to time. Also, it is recommended to ask a professional to  check the state of the suspension kit periodically, because if it is damaged it could influence the condition of the car.

Why buying a Mitsubishi Outlander

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Why buying a Mitsubishi Outlander

When someone hears that you want to buy an Outlander, he might wonder why. Do you travel so much in the countryside, or in areas with rough landscape? Nevertheless, you do not have to explain anyone why want to buy such a wonderful car. If your only reason is that you like to own a big car, or you want safety is enough. However, you should know that there are many persons who are asking for this model when they go to a showroom like Alan Mance Mitsubishi, because they are charmed immediately by the look of an Outlander.

Why buying this Outlander

Mitsubishi designed this model to be a smart one, because it is more powerful and efficient than the other models. Many people think that this is just a regular SUV, but Mitsubishi made it clear that the company’s vision for this model is to create a crossover, suitable for being used even by families. They wanted to evolve the 4×4 model into one more socially acceptable, because people now want to use it in the city. This model is a smaller and dynamic crossover, because its main purpose is to look more planted on the road. It features chrome bezels, a smart front skid plate, and it offers its user plenty of room. Many people are surprised to see how attractive this car is. The Sport model features a panoramic glass roof, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and automatic air conditioning.

What to consider when buying a crossover

You have to know that these models are more expensive than normal ones, so you should consider your financial situation and see if you are able to take care of it. But also, you have to know that depreciation of such cars is lesser than to normal ones, because they are manufactured by prestigious brand names like Mitsubishi. In addition, you have to choose a model that suits you, and decide upon the type of fuel. There are diesel, hybrid and petrol models, so you have to buy the ones that suit your needs. You should know that the modern crossovers are not designed only for being driven off-road. They are created to be family cars, and some models luxury cars. Also, they are very wanted for the persons that desire a sport car. The aspect that should convince you that this car is a good investment is the fact that they offer their user great security and safety on the road.

What is there to know about suspension bushes?

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What is there to know about suspension bushes?

When it comes to cars, people tend to get truly involved in maintaining them in great condition for as long as possible. They take them to car services every time they notice something is not working properly. Besides the responsibility of owning a car, people should also have at least the minimum knowledge about mechanics and about the pieces that form a car. One of the most important pieces of a car is suspension bushes, and it is important to know how they work and when to consider replacing them. If you are interested in finding more information about them, you can do some quick research online. Sites such as http://www.pedders.com.au/ provide useful information about everything you need to know about car components.

Why are suspension bushes important?

Cars rely on the suspension mechanism, which help them to separate from the ground and at the same time to keep all their parts together. The items that separate the parts of your car’s suspension are suspension bushes. They are usually made of rubber, which is not a long-lasting material. Rubber usually perishes in the cold and it deteriorates in the heat, so it does not last for a long period. Believe it or not, these little things are very important for your car’s well-functioning and for your safety too. If they compress and then return to their initial form, it means they work properly. This is the reason why people should pay more attention to these suspension bushes. It is advisable you replace these rubber suspension bushes with bushes from other more resistant materials, such as polyurethane or polygraphite. These ones last longer than rubber bushes and are more appropriate for off-road cars.

When consider replacing them?

When cars come out of the factory, they are tooled with rubber suspension bushes. These are perfect for city cars in order to reduce vibration and noise. However, if you own an off-road car, you could feel the harshness of the road too much, so you might consider replacing the rubber bushes with other bushes specifically designed for these cars. You need to check your suspension bushes every now and then, especially if they are made of rubber, because they can be affected due to daily usage. If they are a little too soft, or too hard, it means they need replacement, because you might not be able to control your car as smoothly as before and you might feel that the road is too harsh. Moreover, the noise and vibration level might increase,  resulting into an uncomfortable ride. If you wonder how often these suspension bushes should be replaced, you should know that it only depends on the way you maintain your car and on what roads you drive it. You might need to replace them sooner if you drive your car on rough roads or if you use your car to transport heavy loads. On the other hand, if you drive your car only in the city or on the highway, you might not need to replace them very soon.

Stay safe on the road during winter

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During winter, everybody knows that traveling becomes more difficult, due to weather conditions. Fog, snow, ice and frost represent dangers for those who have to move from one place to another, but since sometimes you may be obliged to do so, you may have to use some extra caution methods. There are many things you can do in order to keep your car in good condition and thus prevent you or your family from being involved in an accident. Whether you try to avoid driving as much as possible or you always have on your wallet the business card of a tow truck service, you have to be prepared for the road, no matter the distance you are planning to travel. Here are some of the most important things you have to do before hitting the road during the cold season.


Check your car

The first thing you have to do is making sure that your car is ready for travelling. If you know the car has some issues, you would better get in touch with a professional mechanic. Furthermore, check the oil level, the brakes and even more important – the tires. All these have to be in perfect state the moment you leave, because the conditions do not allow you to waste time on the road to change something, in case it breaks. Make sure you have at least one extra spare tire and also do not forget to take wheel chains.

Equip yourself with any item you consider useful

Although you think you have everything going on, incidents may happen, and in case your car breaks, you may have to spend some time on the road. For this reason, you have to stock your car with various useful things, such as blankets, food and water supplies, a flashlight and a map – this will be very useful in case of low visibility. Remember to create the route in advance and let somebody know where you are going, in order to be easier to reach if you get stuck or lost. Do not forget your cell phone and your charger under any circumstances, because you never know how much time you may have to stay in the car.


Ask for professional help

In case you have to travel in spite of the icy road, you should take with you the number of a professional towing company. The experiences drivers and technicians will know how to approach the problem and will get you out of trouble in no time! Do not wait for hours hoping that the weather will get better, and just call a specialized company that will help you reach your destination.