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Moving abroad – how would you transport your car?

Moving abroad – how would you transport your car?


If you decide to leave your hometown and move to another country, there is a common problem that you have to face: how are you going to transport all of your things? During life, people have the tendency to gather a lot of stuff, even if the most of them are quite useless. But, allow us to highlight another common problem: what are you going to do with your car? If you have not thought about any solution, here are some that may help you.

Sell your car fast

If you intend to sell your car, you have to make sure that your decision is the wisest one, due to the fact that there is no turning back.

Pro: It is the most convenient alternative. We recommend this solution if the car is not so great as it used to be and your intentions were to sell it anyway.

Con: When you arrive at your destination, you would have to invest again in a new vehicle. Another disadvantage is that there is also the risk of getting less money than you expect.

Not to mention that, if you decide to sell the car on your own, it can take longer than you imagine. On the other hand, if you decide to hire someone to do that for you, the drawback is that you would have to pay a fee.

Use the services of a vehicle transport company

According to statistics, there are more and more people who find this alternative efficient, due to the fact that they are able to save both money and time. But, there are also, other great advantages.

Pro: The good news when it comes to this solution is that you should not give up your car. This solution is great not only if you are looking for saving money, but also if you feel emotionally attached to your car. There are many drivers who say that there is a good connection between them and their vehicle.

Con: You cannot trust anyone. There are people who say that they used the services of some companies which were not reliable and their vehicles were broken before arriving at the destination.

In order to avoid this problem, search for White’s Vehicle Transport, a reputable company that offers transport services abroad. They also collect and deliver the car to a wide variety of locations, not only across the United Kingdom but also across Europe. However, in order to convince yourself, you should check the online reviews.

Hire your car to someone else

This solution is a good one if you intend to go back to your country after some time. But if you decide to change your living place forever, you would better forget about it.

Pro: You can get some extra money. This thing would help you cover the long list of costs.

Con: There is a high risk to get your car broken. If the person who hires it does not take proper care of the vehicle, in time this idea would not prove a good one.


Ford Escape – things you want to know right now

Ford Escape – things you want to know right now


The new Ford Escape is a car that everyone would want to try at some point. Why? There are many, many reasons that will make you fall in love with this car in an instant, and this article is meant to present them in detail. Don’t forget to look for Edmunds about the new Ford Escape, since this is a great source of information that you can be very sure of when looking for a car to buy. Read below a list of the most important features and specifications of the new Ford Escape.

It starts with…

Being a compact-crossover car – the 2018 Ford Escape competes for the role of the best compact-crossover car existent by now. The competitors of this car are not very far away, keeping in mind the fact that with the specs of the Ford would be quite difficult to set up new differentiating criteria. So, this car is equipped with a gas-electric engine of 2.5 litre and electronic-fuel injection, which is already powerful enough to make you consider at least trying this car, if not buying it. Its enormous power is backed up by the MacPerson Strut suspension and the multi-link one, on the back. The mechanical features will amaze any car lover right away. The electronic-controlled transmission will make the driving experience seem like one you’ve never tried before.

It’s completed by…

The gorgeous exterior which gives the car a great appearance which complements the power of it. Besides the chrome inserts and the amazing colour of the car (whatever you will choose), the roof rack and the machined aluminium wheels make it look like a luxurious, very expensive car. You would be surprised to hear that the price will surely won’t go over the budget you usually allow for this type of purchase. The Ford Escape is an affordable car that has many things to offer to each passionate driver. No matter you are a single person who looks for a powerful car to go in adventurous trips or you are a member of a numerous family looking for a car spacious enough for any deed you may have to complete, the Ford Escape is surely suitable – from each and every point of view you can think of. Learning more about the details that this car has included it’s paramount if you desire to buy it, so do not hesitate and start doing so right now!

Anchor text: Edmunds about the new Ford Escape https://www.edmunds.com/ford/escape/2018/


Do you plan to sell your car? Explore these options


If you are planning to sell your vehicle, then you have to become familiar with the options available in order to establish the most beneficial one. The process can be daunting or quite simple, depending on your perspective and your attitude towards potential buyers. Do you want to get rid of your car fast and you are willing to accept a modest amount or you are patient enough to find someone to find someone who will accept a higher price? The decision is yours.

Private party

This is probably the most advantageous option financially speaking because you have a chance to get the highest price for the vehicle. Obviously, good things do not come easy and you have to work in order to succeed with this method meaning that you must advertise the car for sale and wait for a buyer to make his appearance. You should expect many inquiries, showings and inspections from people who show their interest but it does not mean that they necessarily intend to buy. If you do not want to lose money during the process, try free online advertising and sending email to acquaintances with the message “I want to sell my car”. If you do find someone able to pay for the vehicle, do not accept personal checks.

Trade in

This option is quite effortless and it gives you the opportunity to exchange your current car for a new one. You do not even have to deal with all the hassle caused by paperwork, advertising, viewings or test drives. However, this convenience comes with a price and you should pay close attention because the dealer is not your best friend in this situation. He might not offer you a fair evaluation of the vehicle just because his interest is to save as much money as possible. 

Outside dealer

Unlike a trade-in, you exchange your current vehicle for money meaning that you do not have to purchase a new one from the dealer. Being in a car selling business, he will accept this method because he can add your car on their lot, even though it is used and make profit by selling it to someone else. On the other hand, this alternative is quite similar with the trade-in from the car value point of view. Once again, you might receive a significantly lower amount than expected. You do have the freedom to talk away if you are not satisfied with the price and take your best shot with another dealer.


If you want to make the sale more interesting, inform yourself regarding live and online auctions, which both represent a fast and easy method. For the live auctions, you have to pay an entry fee while the online auctions only require a full description and pictures of the car. In the end, you are free to choose the option you consider more suitable. If you manage to attract someone willing to purchase the vehicle, you might even get a better price than a dealer will ever offer.

Advantages of driving a Dodge Challenger


A sports car can be defined as a vehicle that is designed for performance, at high speeds of course. You hear quite a lot that some automobiles aren’t sedans or SUVs, but sports cars. Clearly, this denomination matters, and it matters a lot. Even if you aren’t gifted from a financial standpoint, you can afford to acquire a sports car. If you live in the Big D, you’ll be happy to hear that you can buy a used Dodge Challenger in Dallas. It’s only normal to wonder what the benefits are of driving such a sports car. If you genuinely want to find out the answer, keep on reading.


If one thing’s for sure, that is that Dodge Challenger is a high-quality ride. It’s hard, if not impossible, to match that kind of constitution. What makes the automobile so special is the fact that it offers a great deal of interior space, being thus very comfortable, and the quality of the make. You can be sure that you won’t have issues driving this ride. Mechanical issues are non-existent, no matter the years of ownership. The performance is simply amazing. The coupe – sports car, whatever denomination you use is fine – guarantees maximum power and performance.

Joining the ranks of the rich and famous    

Not just about anyone can afford to purchase a Dodge Challenger. The vehicle is expensive and for good reason too. The Challengers offer drive quality (braking, acceleration, maneuverability), plus that it has an impressive appearance. The car can be easily classified as a high-end one. Only the rich and famous can afford high-end cars nowadays. Well, not anymore. Thanks to the popularity and, implicitly, the demand for Dodge Challengers, the price tag has gone down. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can find used cars. By used, it shouldn’t be understood wear and tear, but vehicles that are practically new. So, what are you waiting for?

Expression of personality

The things you own are an expression of your personality. The ride that you drive makes no exception. When buying a Dodge Challenger, you’re buying something that says a lot about who you are. But what can a Challenger say about you? Considering that it’s a sports car, it can say that you’re an adventurous person, who likes challenges. Or that you’re the type of person that loves to be in the spotlight. You can’t go unnoticed when you drive a Dodge Challenger.

Guide to buying a Dodge Challenger

Guide to buying a Dodge Challenger

In a world where cars matter so much, having a beast in your garage might be one of your biggest desires. Powerful cars like a Dodge Challenger can be a great acquisition if you are well-informed about this car model. Buying a used Dodge Challenger is tricky taking into consideration that you will have to pay attention to every single detail of it. Here are some tips to get you going when wanting to buy a Dodge Challenger:

Engine. Horsepower. Torque

There are several engine options on Dodge Challengers:

  • 4L V8 which comes with 485 horsepower at approximately 6000 rpm and a 475 torque lb-ft
  • 7L V8 which comes with 375 horsepower at approximately 5150 rpm and a 510 torque lb-ft
  • 6L V6 which comes with 305 horsepower at approximately 6350 rpm and a 268 torque lb-ft
  • Supercharged variants which highly boost the maximum horsepower (for example a 6.2L V8 goes from 500 horsepower to 707 horsepower at the absolutely same 6000 rpm and same torque

You can also find other types of engines on a Dodge Challenger if it has been modified or tuned. Buying a used car means you will buy the preferences of a previous owner. Be careful to pay attention to each and every modification that has been made and see if you can profit from offers and packages.


The Dodge Challenger can be found in several models. These are different in terms of features and specs and even look sometimes. Here are the models you will find on the market:

  • SXT – this is the base and the cheapest model. Usually it includes a 3.6L V6 engine mentioned above along with the usual characteristics of this car (ABS, automatic transmission, electric power steering, cluster display, climate control, keyless entry etc.)
  • SXT Plus – this is a midrange model and it is a little more expensive than the simple SXT. It adds a back-up camera, rear –park sensors, a shark fin antenna and wider tires.
  • R/T – this is a V8 model and it is noticeably more expensive than the SXT. It has a 5.7L V8 engine with a 6-speed manual, wide tires and a great exhaust.
  • R/T Plus – the better variant for the R/T which comes with a power tilt/telescoping column steering, leather seats with heat and ventilation, better speakers, an amplifier, a bigger display and a back-up camera.

Upgrading your car – Money saving tips

Upgrading your car – Money saving tips

There comes a time when our old vehicle might need a little upgrade. And we are not speaking of replacing some essentials, such as breaks. We are speaking of replacing entirely the vehicle. However, people oftentimes lack the necessary finances for such replacements. In those cases, it might be necessary some outside help. For instance, selling your old vehicle to an agency that is offering more money than Carmax comes as a great deal. Certainly, you will get a good chunk of your money out of a similar deal. As a result, make sure to consider this option. Below are some interesting tips for buying another vehicle, on a budget.

1. Sell your current vehicle to the right buyer

The best way to make some extra money for your new purchase is to sell the old vehicle you own. And sell it to the right buyer, even if they are not a private buyer. In many cases, the best option available is an instant car buy agency. They offer great prices, and the entire selling and buying process is considerably easier that it would be if you managed it all by yourself. You can get a representative of the agency to come by and see your vehicle and propose a price. If you are nearby an agency of theirs, you could pass by and have your vehicle looked at by one of their employees. The company will communicate all the documents you must bring and they will handle all the paperwork. Needless to say, these companies will certainly offer more money than a private buyer could, because private buyers oftentimes are never willing for the price that the seller is willing to accept. Because of this, the seller will lower their prices and never get the amount they plan to.

2. A brand-new car might not be the most appropriate option

Evaluate carefully if you truly need a brand new car or you can go for a cheaper, second-hand vehicle, but a vehicle with a more recent manufacturing date. Investing in a brand-new vehicle is rarely the option many people need, in most of the cases, they being in need of a better car and nothing more. A brand-new vehicle will certainly leave your bank account empty and in many cases, it’s not worth the financial efforts, since you can always find great cars at a fraction of the price factory cars have. Make sure to evaluate carefully your options.

3. Manual vehicles are more affordable

 We know, it might be driving an automatic vehicle might be easier than a manual car is, but truth is, you can always figure out the way to get along with a manual car as well. Make sure to find a great manual gear vehicle, since it comes with a friendlier price tag. Learn how to drive it, because sincerely, it’s not that difficult.

These are some tips one could use to upgrade the vehicle they drive. Consider those and you will certainly be able to invest in another car in no time.

What does the 2017 Chevrolet silverado-1500 have to offer?

What does the 2017 Chevrolet silverado-1500 have to offer?

Chevrolet cars have always been a reliable option for drivers who cannot afford spending a fortune on a vehicle, but still want to buy a car of high quality. A recent model has appeared on the market, and has become quite the point of interest for pickup drivers is the 2017 Chevrolet silverado-1500. Being extremely easy to drive both on road and off road, this option is certainly worth your consideration. If you are not sure if this particular model makes a good investment or not, reading a few things on the subject may help you reach a conclusion:

Appealing safety profile

Because safety should always come first, the manufacturers at Chevrolet took care of every detail necessary to provide drivers with a car that is characterized by a great safety profile. This model has gained a 5 star safety rating, which is certainly more than you could ask for. With a powerful braking system and a vibrating safety alert seat, you can drive this Chevrolet without any worries, knowing it is as secure as they get.

Driving dynamics

Just like any other driver out there, when you are searching for a car, you probably desire to enjoy a pleasant driving experience. Some claim that this model might be the best full size truck on the market, feeling steady while being driven even on curvy roads. If you often need to drive off roads, you will be more than pleased with the ride quality of this car, once you try it out.

Family friendly

One last thing you should know about this model is that it is family friendly. If you are interested in a vehicle that allows all passengers to travel comfortably, this is the right answer for you. With enough leg space and comfortable seats, your family will be pleased to go on road trips in this vehicle. Additionally, the abundance of baggage space provided contributes to the family friendliness of this Chevrolet.

All in all, the Chevrolet silverado-1500 is quite a good option, if you are interested in an affordable vehicle that provides you with a great ride performance and a comfortable interior. You can read about mote technical details online, where you will find plenty of reviews and accurate information on the topic. However, make sure to take the car for a test driver before deciding to purchase it, to see if it can really provide you with the driving experience you are interested in.

Fast car-selling tips you should know

When deciding to sell your vehicle, a long process might be ahead of you, and this is why you should know a few tips on the topic, in order to simplify things. Although finding a buyer can take even months, you might be able to speed up the entire selling process if you resort to the right tricks. Just by typing sell my car on any search engine, you will find numerous guidelines, but there are some tips you should not overlook. If the topic has caught your interest, keep reading and you will find out more:

Request valuations

Nowadays, selling a car has been extremely simplified. Just by searching on the internet, you will be able to find yourself a reliable online platform that gives you the chance to obtain a clear evaluation. All you have to do is find the right website of this kind, type in all the details of your vehicle, including registration mark, car mileage and number plate and wait for the interested dealer to appear. However, to receive as many offers as possible, you need to opt for the right free car valuation website, and that implies researching the topic carefully and making your choice wisely.  Resorting to dealers is the fastest alternative you have to selling your vehicle, because posting an ad on any classifieds website and waiting for a buyer to appear can last weeks or even months, and if you cannot afford waiting that long, this will be a great option to choose instead. So give it more thought.

Compare options

After your car has underwent the free valuation necessary, you can set appointments with the various dealers who have shown an interest in your car. Make sure not to choose the first offer made, because the price differences can vary significantly from one dealer to another. Instead, wait for a bit until several options are being presented to you, and only then compare your options and go with the best one.

Make sure it’s in a good condition

Any small issue your vehicle might have will lower its money value. If you want to receive a reasonable amount for the car, you will have to take care of any problems before contacting a dealer or posting a sale ad online. A few repairs here and there can actually make a big difference, helping you not only receive more money but also sell the auto faster. Buyers usually look for cars in an optimal condition, so you have to take care of every detail necessary to make sure your vehicle can actually catch the interest of any potential buyer or dealership.

If you want to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible, while still receiving the amount of money you think it values, taking into account the tips mentioned above will certainly come in handy. Now that you know a few more details on the subject, you will manage to sell your car to the right buyer, without having to wait more than

What drives people to buy the 2017 Ford Fusion?

What drives people to buy the 2017 Ford Fusion?

Many say that the 2017 Ford Fusion is the best sports car one can buy. Is this true? What is certain is that Ford has been on the role as far as building sporty cars is concerned. If you are looking for a sporty ride, you do not have to look any further. The 2017 Ford Fusion is basically a powerhouse, so you can be sure that it performs satisfactorily. Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Ford Fusion is that it needs a refresh and an update. This may be so, but this does not mean that it is not worth investing in. In this article, we will explain why many people invest in this athletic vehicle.

Vehicle fuel efficiency

If you want to make fuel savings, then you have to invest in a 2017 Ford Fusion.  This automobile has a strong fuel economy. Basically, you get the same fuel economy you would with the Fusion Hybrid. All 2017 models have improved fuel economy, providing more than 30 mpg on the highway. The result is a lower mile-per-gallon-figure. Not only will you save cash, but you will spend less time at the pump.

All new SYNC 3

Everyone’s favorite infotainment system, SYNC, is back. The upgraded SYNC, SYNC 3, allows you to use your voice to make phone calls, listen to music, and control key vehicle features. The system is at the same time simpler and responsive. Let us not forget about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which make things even better. The infosystem is nothing like the previous one and it is just what Ford needed, namely a fresh new design.

Secure handling

The 2017 Ford Fusion provides drivers better handling.  No matter if you are travelling along a  country road or the interstate, the car’s responsiveness is not affected. On the contrary, you have secure handling of the vehicle. The sports car should be applauded for the fact that it has resistance to body roll.

Exterior design continues to impress

The exterior design is the first thing anyone notices when looking at a 2017 Ford Fusion. The athletic posture and the fascia is what makes people turn their heads. This is not all. The all-new vehicle has a special cover, protecting it from UV rays, not to mention the spoiler. There are lots of things to say about the exterior design of the 2017 Ford Fusion. Besides what was mentioned, there are the wheels, LED lights, and the sunroof.

First time car buyers – useful tips

First time car buyers – useful tips


The second most exciting and expensive purchase you will be making in your lifetime, besides buying a house, is purchasing a car. If you have managed to save some money and want to use it to get your first car, then you must be currently looking for offers. Although the range of options is extensive, there are some things that need to be considered beforehand. Finding out experts’ opinion, such as learning that Edmunds claims that the Ford F-150 is worth the price, or setting a budget are essential steps to take. Here are a few useful tips on the subject:

Set a budget

To prevent wasting time looking at car offers that you could not afford at the moment, start by setting a budget. Think about how much money you want or can spend on this purchase. It is important to set a strict budget right from the start, to prevent yourself from buying a car that falls outside your financial possibilities. The market has so many options you can choose from that it will not be hard to find a car that fits whiting your budget. However, if you already have your mind set on a more expensive vehicle, one that you cannot really afford, then perhaps you can consider buying a used model.

Read reviews

One thing that is essential in the process of purchasing a car, detail that many buyers tend to neglect, is reading reviews. Because you are spending quite a significant amount of money, you need to be 100 percent certain that the vehicle bought will rise up to your requirements. This means reading accurate and detailed reviews on the model you are interested in, reviews written by both consumers that can give you their opinion as regular drivers, and experts, which can help you learn more technical details on the subject. This will simplify your choice considerably, and prevent you from buying a model that is not worth the price.

Consider your needs and desires

When purchasing a car, you need to put your needs first. Regardless of how spectacular the design of a vehicle might seem, if the car does not come with features that are relevant for you personally, the investment will not be worth it. Perhaps you need the vehicle to be equipped with parking sensors, or maybe with an auto climate control feature, so before you start looking for options, make sure you have thought through your needs, and you know exactly what you expect from a vehicle. This will make your selection process much easier. 

Buying your first vehicle is certainly an exciting prospect, but it is also a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you want to get the best for your money, being informed is essential. Now that you know a few tips on the topic, managing to make a reliable choice will not be that difficult. Making a mistake when purchasing a car can happen, especially if you opt for a second hand version, so make sure to take into account these few aspects beforehand. Remembers that reading reviews can make a big difference, so take the time necessary to find a reliable informative website.


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