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Auto Glass replacement – OEM or aftermarket?


The downside of owning an expensive sports car is that all parts you might need to replace at one point or another are ridiculously expensive. The same rule applies to all auto glass parts, and not few are the cases when you simply have to replace them. However, some companies like this one specialised in windscreen replacement Sydney offer clients both original and aftermarket auto glass parts, emulating the quality of the original ones successfully. Still not sure what your options are? Below we have a short comparison of the two alternatives, so next time you will make an informed decision.

OEM windscreens – the original version

OEM, as you might already know, stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. And although it might be made by other company than the one manufacturing the original windshield, they emulate the original product in every possible way, resulting in a great product. This means they comply with the strict specifications of the car manufacturer, just like the original ones do. They have the same thickness, colour and shape, and a fairly similar price. And although they are one of the best solutions, there are other reliable and safe ones on the market.

Aftermarket auto glass parts – the best solution, on a budget

Due to copyright regulations, many glass manufacturers are forbidden to use specific car brads for describing their products. This is the sole difference when it comes to aftermarket car parts, and it applies to glass components as well. Because aftermarket companies do not work for a car producer, they can retail their products for less. Generally, the only difference between OEM glass parts and aftermarket ones is the tint, which might differ slightly, but insignificantly. The shape, size, thickness and durability will be generally the same. In fact, the only reason why aftermarket glass parts come at lower prices is that they are not any car brand affiliated. Remember, oftentimes the name is pricier than the product itself. Should you invest in aftermarket parts? Absolutely! Especially if they are installed by a company with tradition in this domain, most certainly you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two versions.

What is the best alternative I have?

Fact is, it all depends on your preferences, and especially your budget. Skilful glass technicians can make sure the quality of your windshield, rear window or side window replacement is seamless, at affordable prices, no matter if you choose aftermarket or genuine parts. In terms of aftermarket parts, these companies use exclusively the best products available on the market. Furthermore, they pair both original and aftermarket pieces with rubber replacement services, with no additional costs. Therefore, make sure you do your research well before hiring a glass replacement company.

Whether you choose OEM or aftermarket parts, your sports car will thank you for working with a great window replacement company. Always making sure they provide the best services possible for their clients, you won’t be able to tell the difference!