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Do you plan to sell your car? Explore these options


If you are planning to sell your vehicle, then you have to become familiar with the options available in order to establish the most beneficial one. The process can be daunting or quite simple, depending on your perspective and your attitude towards potential buyers. Do you want to get rid of your car fast and you are willing to accept a modest amount or you are patient enough to find someone to find someone who will accept a higher price? The decision is yours.

Private party

This is probably the most advantageous option financially speaking because you have a chance to get the highest price for the vehicle. Obviously, good things do not come easy and you have to work in order to succeed with this method meaning that you must advertise the car for sale and wait for a buyer to make his appearance. You should expect many inquiries, showings and inspections from people who show their interest but it does not mean that they necessarily intend to buy. If you do not want to lose money during the process, try free online advertising and sending email to acquaintances with the message “I want to sell my car”. If you do find someone able to pay for the vehicle, do not accept personal checks.

Trade in

This option is quite effortless and it gives you the opportunity to exchange your current car for a new one. You do not even have to deal with all the hassle caused by paperwork, advertising, viewings or test drives. However, this convenience comes with a price and you should pay close attention because the dealer is not your best friend in this situation. He might not offer you a fair evaluation of the vehicle just because his interest is to save as much money as possible. 

Outside dealer

Unlike a trade-in, you exchange your current vehicle for money meaning that you do not have to purchase a new one from the dealer. Being in a car selling business, he will accept this method because he can add your car on their lot, even though it is used and make profit by selling it to someone else. On the other hand, this alternative is quite similar with the trade-in from the car value point of view. Once again, you might receive a significantly lower amount than expected. You do have the freedom to talk away if you are not satisfied with the price and take your best shot with another dealer.


If you want to make the sale more interesting, inform yourself regarding live and online auctions, which both represent a fast and easy method. For the live auctions, you have to pay an entry fee while the online auctions only require a full description and pictures of the car. In the end, you are free to choose the option you consider more suitable. If you manage to attract someone willing to purchase the vehicle, you might even get a better price than a dealer will ever offer.