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Ford Escape – things you want to know right now


The new Ford Escape is a car that everyone would want to try at some point. Why? There are many, many reasons that will make you fall in love with this car in an instant, and this article is meant to present them in detail. Don’t forget to look for Edmunds about the new Ford Escape, since this is a great source of information that you can be very sure of when looking for a car to buy. Read below a list of the most important features and specifications of the new Ford Escape.

It starts with…

Being a compact-crossover car – the 2018 Ford Escape competes for the role of the best compact-crossover car existent by now. The competitors of this car are not very far away, keeping in mind the fact that with the specs of the Ford would be quite difficult to set up new differentiating criteria. So, this car is equipped with a gas-electric engine of 2.5 litre and electronic-fuel injection, which is already powerful enough to make you consider at least trying this car, if not buying it. Its enormous power is backed up by the MacPerson Strut suspension and the multi-link one, on the back. The mechanical features will amaze any car lover right away. The electronic-controlled transmission will make the driving experience seem like one you’ve never tried before.

It’s completed by…

The gorgeous exterior which gives the car a great appearance which complements the power of it. Besides the chrome inserts and the amazing colour of the car (whatever you will choose), the roof rack and the machined aluminium wheels make it look like a luxurious, very expensive car. You would be surprised to hear that the price will surely won’t go over the budget you usually allow for this type of purchase. The Ford Escape is an affordable car that has many things to offer to each passionate driver. No matter you are a single person who looks for a powerful car to go in adventurous trips or you are a member of a numerous family looking for a car spacious enough for any deed you may have to complete, the Ford Escape is surely suitable – from each and every point of view you can think of. Learning more about the details that this car has included it’s paramount if you desire to buy it, so do not hesitate and start doing so right now!

Anchor text: Edmunds about the new Ford Escape https://www.edmunds.com/ford/escape/2018/