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Noticeable signs your vehicle’s shock absorbers need replacement


You might not be a mechanic, but you surely must know when your car’s suspensions need replacement. If they lose their elasticity, therefore their ability of properly functioning, chances are all your rides will lack the comfort you are used to. Therefore, make sure you are well aware about the signs your shock absorbers need replacement, as described below.

1. You notice vibrations in your steering wheel

Because your tires lose the property of maintaining contact with the road when your suspensions need replacement, this translates into significant vibrations you feel in your steering wheel. And while you might not be considering this to be an issue, it is, because at high speeds, the vibrations increase as well, making it considerably harder for the driver to fully control the vehicle. As you can imagine, this can be quite a safety issue. Not only had you put your and your passenger’s life into danger, but other traffic participants as well, pedestrians, bikers and drivers. 

2. You stopping distances increase

This is one of the main signs of worn out suspensions, and considering the fact that in general stopping distances increase by 20% with faulty ones, you must be careful indeed. As the speed increases, stopping distances increase as well, making accidents harder to avoid. When driving you must act fact and you must have the capacity of stopping in a matter of seconds, if necessary. And while good suspensions can help you manage this, worn out ones might make the issue a life threatening one.

3. Your car is sliding from the road

Great suspensions make the task of maintaining your car on the road while taking turns fairly easy. However, when their quality decreases, this becomes considerably harder. This also contributes to lower safety levels, especially on rainy weather, and you must remember you are not only responsible for your life while driving; you are responsible for everybody’s on the road life. Therefore, make sure you don’t make yourself guilty of negligence and pay attention to this sign as well.

4. Periodically check your suspensions

Even though you might not be able to tell when they need replacement, make sure you periodically check into a maintenance service and see what problems your car might have. The recommended amount of time for doing so is approximately once every six months, and this interval shortens if you are constantly driving on bad infrastructure. The costs are not high, but this is a worthy investment since it can make a great difference in terms of safety while driving.

5. How much does suspension replacement cost?

Obviously, it all depends on your car type. But as a general rule, the more expensive the vehicle is, so will be the car parts you need. However, certain manufacturers and retailers sell after-market parts, and they have the same quality and features as the original ones do. Whatever you do, make sure you invest in high quality suspensions for increased levels of safety.