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Signs you need to change the suspension system

Many drivers take the suspension system for granted, and they have the wrong impression that they do not have to change it or check its state. The fact is that the suspension system, as any other part of the car, can suffer damages through the years, because it supports several tones of metal year after year, and at a certain point, it will have to be either repaired or changed. Many drivers might think that the suspension is about having a smooth ride, and they do not repair and care it, as they do with the brakes for example. However, they should know that bad suspension kits could affect the ability to control the car, especially when turning or stopping, so they should not ignore its maintenance. For the drivers who own for the first time a car, it might be quite difficult to notice that they have to change the suspension kit, but the vehicle usually sends the drivers some signs, they only have to pay attention to them.

Car rides roughly

If the driver is an experienced one, s/he might know when the struts or shocks are wearing out, because they begin to feel every single bump of the road, and when they cross a bump they notice that the vehicle body starts bouncing. Having a rough ride is the first sign that the vehicle’s suspension has to be checked. In case the drivers do not know how to do it by themselves, they should ask a specialist take a look at their car.

Pulling or drifting during turns

The vehicles, which have a damaged suspension system, will make the driver feel that the car is pulling or drifting when they are turning. This is the sign that the shocks cannot keep the car body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, and this increases the chances of a rollover. If the drivers are feeling something similar when they turn, they should consider taking their vehicle to an auto service, and see what specialists have to say.

Dips when stopping

In case the shocks of a vehicle are worn out, the driver will feel that the car body lurching downward or forward when they apply the brakes firmly. In this situation they are not able to stop the car in safety conditions, and quickly. Depending on the damage of the suspension, the stop time might increase up to 20 percent.

Uneven tire treads

Other signs, that something might be wrong with the suspension system is when the driver notices that the tires of the car look uneven. There might appear balding spots, which might suggest that the suspension is not holding the vehicle evenly, and an uneven amount of pressure is put on the tires. The driver could notice these signs, because it is important to car owner to check the car condition from time to time. Also, it is recommended to ask a professional to  check the state of the suspension kit periodically, because if it is damaged it could influence the condition of the car.